Friday, November 22

Painter's Tape Inking Technique

So you guys who came to our Fall Festival last month... remember the technique table that Lynette hosted... she taught the masking tape inking technique .... well I found some great cards on Lyssa's blog as she had a challenge with her club gals.... you can use basically any type of tape... but  painters tape or masking tape work the best.

You can even use Washi Tape....
 Just press the sticky side of a strip of tape into the ink pad
 (doesn't hurt it, never fear) and then press it
ink-side down onto your paper.
You can reuse the same strip of tape several times before
it gets too inky to be effective any longer.
And of course, this works best on well-inked pads.
This technique lends itself to all kinds of creativity.
You can even mask off the center of your card
(shown here using a Festive Flurry Framelits die cut),
then radiated the tape strips out from the center.
It takes a while, but the finished effect is gorgeous!

So if you haven't tried this technique yet--
go get some painter's tape and give it a go!
There's a reason it's been all over
the internet lately--it's super fun!

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