Friday, November 1

Happy Birthday David!!!

Happy Birthday David! What a day to celebrate! We love you and are so encouraged to see the man you've become.... an amazing son, wonderful husband and awesome daddy!

Another amazing thing is how the year has flown by once again and look at you.. doesn't look like you've aged one bit!

We had a fun celebration this past Sunday when DHB came for the evening to share some dinner and birthday cake together! Don & Darlene joined too as we also celebrated Don's belated birthday... well just by one day, so that wasn't too bad.... Here is the incredible cake they brought, Neapolitan layered cake.. chocolate strawberry and vanilla.. it was amazing!

David thought it was a little girly with the roses and glitter on it..
but we convinced him it's like us all, what's on the inside that counts!!!

This is my piece... right next to my Diet Coke...
gotta have balance in life, right?

I forgot to mention, when they arrived Brayden had fallen asleep in the car so we put him in bed to finish his nap.. he slept through dinner but somehow managed to wake up just intime for birthday cake!!! (ok to truth is we went and woke him up!)

Think he's still half asleep but working hard at getting the cake in...
even with "dracula" at his plate saying...
I want to bite your cake!!!! heeheehee

Jerry had a fun little gift for Brayden
(oops yes it was David's birthday but that's what happens!)
He made Brayden his own wooden gumball machine...
except put M&Ms in it instead..
Mason jar on top flipped over and attached to wooden base....

Best part is you dont have to put quarters in it!
Just crank and go!

That deserves a monster hug for Grandpa!

 Happy Birthday David!
We know Brayden really is your best gift of all!
 ps - for those asking about the cake,
Holly got it at Cream de la' Cream in Corona... awesome bakery!

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