Friday, December 12

Christmas Countdown! #12 - The Light Shines On!

I just can't get enough of yesterday's project... so here's some more Light 'em Up ideas from Courtney to try...

Top Light ‘Em Up Ideas To Try (continued)

6. Encourage Great Customer Service

Everywhere you go, you can find someone doing their job really well. Stop to take time to fill out the survey. Courtney was so impressed by this sales lady – that she walked back and found her manager in the Macy’s girls department. She told her boss in person how great she was – and they asked her to fill out a card/report for her so she’d get recognized. This was her smile afterwards.


7. Feeding Someone Hungry

We need to widen the perspective in our world. Our kids need to see and understand food is a gift. And some people in our own neighborhoods do not have lunch every day. And, we can help in small ways and big ways. This is often on the heart of our kids. First find out what your kids want to do and plan something specific together. They are far more engaged when they are involved.


8. Let’s Go Big

Go BIG unexpectedly for others. Courtney was at the Americasmart and this lady at Starbucks just loved her necklace. Full story here – but short version she went and bought her one. Her smile is one you can't forget. She was stunned. And thanked God, and gave Courtney tons of hugs. What fun to just delight someone in a huge way.


9. Expand Your Territory

Isn’t it much more fun when we have a group? How about inviting your kids playgroup over and make cookies together and of course you also have to plan what you'll do with them after they're made! Maybe share with the other neighbors or visit your local Children's Hospital or Ronald McDonald House to distribute.


10. Meet Needs In Unexpected Ways

One mom took her family and taped quarters to washing machines. Because during the holidays, it would be a real treat for many to save this money. Meeting real needs.


Now run with it!
And make your own plan....
and tell me all about!

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