Saturday, December 13

Christmas Countdown! #13 - Twelve Days of Christmas!

Today starts the 12 Days of Christmas... such a special time for me as I love love love each year putting together little treasures for my awesome sister... no, I dont give her a patridge in a pear tree... instead she picks out a gift to start her day... but it's not really the gift, itself.. it's the gift of "time".... in years past I've given her one card/coupon per month for the year and it contains something we'll be doing together that month... she's to open each the first day of the month that way it gives us time to plan date to make it happen....


Here's some ideas if you'd like to give it a try:

January -     Drive up to the mountains together and build a snowman

February -   Have a great heart-to-heart talk, it only draws us closer

March -        Let's go Midnight March Madness shopping

April -          Take a walk during April Showers - umbrellas not allowed

May -           Tea Party Time.... hat & gloves optional.

June -           It's time for cinnamon bun at Del Mar Fair... let's go!

July -           Take a Moonlight walk on Moonlight Beach

August -       Road Trip to Hobby Lobby

September - Go pick apples in Julian and bake a pie together
                      (or just go buy a pie and eat together!!)

October -     Go Pumpkin Pickin' at The Pumpkin Patch

November - Tour as many Fall Festivals as we can find

December - Invite all our friends and host a Birthday Party for Jesus


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