Sunday, December 14

Christmas Countdown! 14 - My Hero - Be Still My Heart!

Today is Jerry's celebration of life day.... yes every year he gets mixed into the Christmas festivities.... but it actually is very appropriate as he's such a gift to us! Love you bunches honey... I'm so grateful I have the gift of YOU! You are my Hero!

And I know our best gift is our little b.... after all he's stolen our hearts for sure.... see how 'Thankful' we all are for our little super hero!

....and we had such a "Thankful" day together...

Dinner was just taking way too long for him...
couldn't stand it any longer and got to the black olives...
kindred spirits for sure!

who wants Pumpkin Pie when
you can have a Purple Popsicle???

Thank you God for all our Blessings!

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