Friday, December 19

Christmas Countdown! #19 - Attitude of Gratitude

Is your heart overflowing?? I hope so... and as I examine mine I want to be sure that I'm not just being emotional (the ooey gooey kind), but externally being thankful during this holiday season and letting my gratitude show! Sometimes that's easier said than done... but it's vital for those we love and cherish... whether it be our physical family or spiritual family or our friends and neighbors, old and new!

Yes the "reason for the season" (as it should be every day) is the gift God has given us first and foremost, his Son... and our spiritual family... and because of that we have been given all the gifts we need in our physical family and friends. That's the truth and that's what I often overlook. If I'm being honest with myself, I realize my expectations and anticipations are often far beyond what any human could possibly deliver... so I wanted to share this korny poem I found... but it really does say it all... no matter who my "honey" is... it's my attitude of gratitude!
Honey You Are..
My sunny sky
My favorite high
My sweetest gift
My emotional lift
My best friend
Until the end
My inspiration
My destination
My shining light
My day and night
My heart healer
My anger chiller
My gem so rare
My answered prayer
My heart and soul
My life made whole
My merry-go-round
My “up” when I’m down
My best chance
My last dance
My best shot
My kumquat
My energizer
My appetizer
My morning sun
My evening fun
My dancing partner
My heart’s gardener
My source of laughter
My ever after
My heaven sent
For who I’m meant
My burning fire
My greatest desire
My soul mate
My sweet fate
My dream lover
My “before all others"
My confidence
My common sense
My reason why
Until I die

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