Friday, December 5

Christmas Countdown! #5 - Making a List and Checking it Twice!

I've decided to “SHOP WISER” this Christmas.... what does that mean???  It means since I know I'm going to shop, I just want to be wise with my time and money. Be intentional with my purchases.

Here's the thought process for shopping... As I'm planning for gifts to purchase, I want to think harder vs spend more money. I want to spend less, yet touch more hearts.... and frankly that requires more brain time! If we want to reach the hearts of those we love - it takes some time to think about that...

So shop wiser in a way that makes a gift stick around... a gift that reaches the heart isn't fleeting. It means something to the recipient. So I'm making a list and checking it twice...

 *what do they need?
 *what do they love to do?
 *what do they need to hear?


I think it’s so fun to meet a true need during Christmas.  Maybe I can give a gas card for a Teen at church that drives so far to babysit or serve others.  Or maybe I can replace my friend’s bakeware she has used for 20 years! Or I have a friend who doesn't buy anything without a coupon... perhaps I can start clipping some for her and bundle together and give to encourage about my friend's elderly mother who lives alone... perhaps there's a way to help meet her needs by just stopping by to visit with some homemade cookies and cocoa (and if I get brave to sing a Christmas Carole or two!) ....   Sometimes, our friends or family will mention a need in passing and we can meet it and blow their mind that we listened.  Soooo much better than asking year after year... what do you want for Christmas???  We should already know what they want or more importantly what they need by just listening and being observant.



My little b simply loves loves loves to watch movies and play games...  making memories will last longer than remembering what gifts they got each Christmas (honestly can you even remember what you gave your kids/grandkids last year??)    Grandma Sleepovers or "camping" on the living room floor.. or start new tradition of family game night every Friday night... or how about reading a book together.... not just a short story book, but one that takes alot of time so you read a chapter at a time (like Harry Potter or Moby Dick!) and then the anticipation of the next "reading" time grows as the storyline grows!.... again it's the TIME spent together that makes memories.. not the THINGS they get that wont last the year let alone a month or two!

ml                     Product Details


My husband simply needs to HEAR he’s doing a great job. He works hard at keeping our home repairs and yard work up and as you all know he's amazing at his woodworking skills and loves to create. I could get him a new tool or gift card to Home Depo, wrap it up and give it to him...  now without a card or explanation, that could easily send two messages to him....

Bad)   You really need to get busy with all these projects.
Good) You are already doing a great job – thought you’d love this!

Solution? Write a personal note. We can take an ordinary gift and make it SOAR to the depths of a person’s heart – when it includes our words.

REMEMBER – it doesn’t have to be all of these!

Just ONE of these categories is even a good start to 

spur you on to make your gifts more meaningful.

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