Wednesday, October 6

Are you ready for a Masquerade Party???

Halloween is about masquerading, so many costumes and so many masks.... so get ready to make the cutest black kitty with the cutest glittery mask you've ever seen... all ready for her Masquerade Party! Then you can decorate your Treat Bags for your family and friends... they'll be purrr-fect treats!

You will need 3 punchers:

- Large Oval Punch

- Curly Label Punch

- Itty Bitty Shapes Punch Pack (the round one)

At a straight edge of a cardstock, punch out a small piece of with your oval punch. Then punch half of the curly label punch as illustrated. Lastly, using the Itty Bitty Shapes punch, punch 2 circles. (Not to close to each other, I would mark the mask with 2 dots first before I punch the circles)

Punch Used:

- 5 petal flower punch (for the ears and the legs)

- Full Heart Punch (half piece for the tail)

- Large Oval Punch (for the head)

- Word Window Punch (for the neck)

- 1/2" circle punch (for the eyes)

- 2 Step Owl Punch (for the iris)

- Slot punch (for the neck leash), I think it's no longer available for sale but you can always improvise by cutting a small rectangle piece.
Now just follow the step by step illustrations below....

TAADAAAHHHHHH !! You have your darling black kitty cat!

Position the mask slightly below right of the cat's eyes. It would give the cat a cute shy expression. Remember to draw your whiskers and eye highlights with white gel pen. Then GLITTER!!! This will give the full dramatic effect of your Masquerade.

OK now get going... you're gonna have a blast making these!!!
And of course all credit goes to Creations on Paper!!!!

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