Saturday, October 2

Land of the Munchkins?

Do ya know where I'm going with this one?? Here's a few clues... Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, Professor Marvel, Hunk, Hickory and Zeke.... or how about this... flying monkeys, melting witches and ruby slippers???

Yep, The Wizard of Oz... don't ya love it.. what a great story of a teenage girl on a Kansas farm, who daydreams about going "over the rainbow.  I think I've seen it a gazillion times... probably could have recited most of it in my younger years...

My favorite thing about Dorothy was how she expressed her heart and opened her soul to everyone .. when her goal was just to get back home, she ends up helping others she meets along her journey... which only made herself smarter, compassionate and courageous!!! ... it's one of  my favorites and always makes me wanna sing... Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Follow the Yellow Brick Road.. and We're Off to See the Wizard... don't ya just wanna get up and dance now?

So I've come across a series of the main characters from the story... all made from our darling 2-Step Owl Punch. You remember the Halloween Owls I shared last month... well these are similar and gonna knock your socks off.. all cased from Creations on Paper. Like Dorothy, we'll meet one character at a time.... starting with the Tin Man

I think you know what he needs.... he needs a Heart! But it really doesn't take much to turn a owl into a Tin Man...  You'll only need Card Stock and White Craft ink to sponge.. how easy is that??

Here are tools and hows to instructions:

- 2 Step Owl Punch - Punch out on Basic Gray CS

- 1/2" Circle Punch (for eyes and eyelids)

- Cut a little triangle piece to put a cap on the owl and
          a cut a little piece for the funnel.

- Use Crumb Cake CS for the vest (layer a smaller vest onto
        the owl so he has 2 vest). To make the smaller vest, just cut
        down on the bottom side of the vest to make it shorter.

- Sponge all pieces with White Craft Ink before assembly

- Finally, use your White Gel pen and a Black pen as screws
        and bolts for your Tin Man.

Isn't he darling???

No need for an oil can on this one.. there's nothing squeaky about it...

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