Friday, October 22

Take Me Home... Country Roads

Jerry was gone this week on Monday and Tuesday.. he went up to our cabin in Palomar Mountain again to work on the remodel... still trying to get the bathroom more complete... Seems the entire plumbing has to be replaced.. that will be a huge job.

But I was pretty lonely on Monday night... as we had the biggest thunder and lightening storm I've EVER seen here in Southern California... it woke me up at 1:30am... so loud and bright... could see it with my eyes closed!!! .... I wasn't afraid or anything with Jerry being gone... I just missed him and would have really loved to share that together... weird maybe but it was kinda like an earthquake... or something... ya just wanna be with the one you love!

So one of his favorite songs is Country Roads by John Denver... reminds him of West Virginia of course and of his family.... so I came across these cool pictures of different roads... kinda like the different paths we've been through together in our nearly 40 years of marriage..

Here's to you honey...

As long as the road always leads me back to you....

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Caryl W said...

wow those road shots!!!