Friday, October 29

Jerry the Cabinet Maker!!!

I don't have to tell you guys how amazing my wonderful husband is!!!! And I am so grateful to God.. what a treasure He's given me!

So all Summer I knew Jerry's had this "project" in the works down in his wood shop... he kept it from me for a very long time... but finally had to break down and tell me about it cuz he needed input... Well guess what he made me now.... an incredible cabinet for my Big Shot and all the Sizzix dies... This started when awhile ago he made the cabinet shelves for Pam.. she had shared the idea with us when she found it on some one's blog.. so Jerry the talented carpenter that he is.. just "made it"... no plans, no instructions, no manual... it stores like 25 large Sizzix dies and the same amount of the medium size...

From that he got the idea to make me a cabinet where I could store my dies and the Big Shot... so here's what he came up with. It's not stained yet but he wanted to "load it up" to see if it was going to work before he puts the final touch on it... problem is now I'm not sure I'll let him take it back to the wood shop!!! I love it!!! 

He even made several rows where I can put all my punches.. .
both old and new style...

For the past several months he'd often come into the dining room where I stamp and just sit and watch and occasionally pick up something and look at it (like the punches) and put it back... and now it all makes sense.. he was checking out how they he could make them fit... sneaky pete!

And the upper cabinets he put in shelves for storage for my
     Sizzix Dies on the left and supplies on the right...

and the bottom cabinet is where the Big Shot is stored...

plus the table top of it is extended where I can use it as
a work surface when I'm using the Big Shot...

Am I lucky or what?
No, blessed is more like it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh.. this is so beautiful.. I love it. Jerry is so amazing and I love the sizzix holder he made me.. Gail you are so lucky and this is the perfect item for you.. how beautiful. Way to go Jerry, another Jerry creation.. love it.