Tuesday, October 26

Paint the Town Halloween!

I love going to the paint store and asking for empty paint cans... they look at you like you're crazy... but that's just what I do! You can get better prices at Sherwin Williams or Frazee's rather than Home Depo for them too.

Then get them home and start to decorate! Easy as that! In the past I've made several into Holiday gift buckets.. either Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can get pint size or the larger gallons.. but remember when you get the gallon size.. you have to have gallon size gift to put it in!...

I've also used the decorated paint cans with just the vinyl run-ons .. made  series of them to make a Welcome "sign".. but since it's Halloween wanted to show you one that I did at a class I gave a couple of years ago actually.. and I've kept it with all my Halloween decorations and just love it each year when I pull it out!

I think what really makes it darling is all the ribbons on the handles!

Or you can always just use an empty green bean or whatever food can..
they're smaller and easier to fill too!

Here's one of my favorites!!

And that's no trick!

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