Saturday, October 30

My BFF Carol in Wisconsin!

It's amazing to me to think about all the friends I've developed over the years just from stamping... we span the United States even... and for most of them, from Florida to Kentucky to Minnesota to Wisconsin... even some in Texas!!!  I've met them all through various card swaps... never really getting to know them but just acquaintances really....

BUT Carol is different! She actually first met Pam several years ago, again through a swap she was in and they exchanged cards and mail and gifts for some time... Then Pam invited Carol to join our Crazy Card Club.. and that was the beginning of a great friendship with her and all the Rubba Sistas! Carol is also a Stampin' Up demonstrator.. she lives in Wisconsin so she puts us to shame when we complain about the "cold weather" or the "hot nights" here in San Diego....

Carol has a unique job that allows her to not only work from home, but also to travel often. In fact her "headquarters" is here in California.. soooo.. yes you guessed it... we've been able to actually meet Carol in person!!!! She's come a couple of times now and it's like we've know each other all our lives! She's stayed with both Pam and myself on different occasions... and come to think of it I think she's due for another trip to Southern California.. hey Carol????

I so appreciate her as she''s one of my loyal Blog readers too.. makes me feel like "some one's listening"... if ya know what I mean!

In fact, she has been listening.. cuz this week she shared with me the Halloween cards and bags she's made for her two kids... as a result of stories and pictures from my Blog... what an honor!

So here's a photo of what she's prepared ... she has one son and one daughter.. and I know they'll appreciate the great cards they'll be getting.. and the goodie bags too!

See those Halloween Hoot Owls... look familiar?? .. plus the two tall bags of course will be filled with trick r'treats I'm sure.... and talk about familiar... there's Shelly's card swap again too.. see how fun it is to share out talent with each other!!

Reminds me of our Stampin' Up Statement of the Heart:

Thanks Carol for making a difference in my life!!!

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