Friday, June 17

Happy Birthday Allen!

Today is Allen's birthday... woo hoo! So I just wanted to dedicate this page to him today... Happy Birthday Allen!! You are a gift to us, a treasure and a blessing!

As many of you know Allen is a Ceramics Teacher at El Cajon High School. We are so proud of him as he's chosen this career path... as all teachers are under paid and under appreciated. He spends endless hours on behalf of the kids, not only teaching them an art, but teaching them how to become confident young men and women.

Here's a picture of Allen several years ago in our backyard working on some ceramics... think this was before he started teaching....

Allen loves adventure and loves to be on the go. He's traveled most summers while off school.. here's a few shots of him when he went to Australia for a month... he loves photography too and has taken some pretty amazing pictures....

Here's some of his ceramics work.. he continues to be a student himself and nearly every semester takes classes at UCSD. He's often sold them at At Shows and even displayed them in Balboa Park during their Art Festivals... these are from a couple years ago.

But now that he bought his first home this past summer... most of his spare time (and money!)  is going into his new investment! 

Happy Birthday Allen.....
May you day be filled with love and laughter
and your year ahead be filled with gifts from God!

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