Thursday, June 9

Mona & Brayden's Birthday Card!

I am so tickled.... look at this DARLING card that my friend Mona made for Brayden for his First Birthday! Remember Mona does the quilling and is so good at it... she makes amazing paper art-work with such delicate paper stripes.... I was just amazed at just how precious it is... and look at that detail... incredible!

He is going to love this.. ok maybe not yet, but in years to come I'm sure he'll appreciate it... but right now I love it and I can't wait to give it to Holly and David (well maybe they're seeing it now!).... What a loving memory we will have of Brayden's first year celebration!

And even her sentiment she wrote on the inside is just too precious and sweet...

Thank you my dear Mona... not only for your thoughtfulness and talent, but for knowing how special Brayden is to us and sharing in that love for him with us!

If you guys haven't visited Mona's blog for some time.. go take a look here... you'll be amazed!

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