Thursday, June 2

Special Delivery Birthday

Last Saturday was Brayden's first birthday.... we're having his party June 4th at the Poway Midland Train Park... so be watching for photos from that. But in the mean time wanted to share pictures I took of him on his actual birthday May 28th.

Grandma Darleen got him this darling "Special Delivery" t-shirt... it's just too cute, posted like a special delivery mail with all the details... date, time, weight, name and of course First Class!!!! Here he is showing off...

Then mom and dad got him a "bomber jacket"... again just too cute... it's a little big right now, made him "top heavy".. he looked like a weeble in it and kept falling down (Weeble's Wooble but they don't fall down!)... but should be perfect come the Fall when he'll need a heavier jacket... he was just precious in it..

We went to lunch at a Chicago Italy restaurant in Temecula... where the waitress gave him a balloon to keep him entertained... of course we were afraid he was going to bite and pop it!!...

Then, being Italian, instead of a birthday cake they gave him a canoli.... he wasn't sure at first how to eat it... but quickly got the hang of it with Holly's help... and of course he just loved it... you can tell by the look on his face.. like he's in Heaven!!!

Then we went to the "duck pond" to feed the ducks... but poor Brayden zonked out... slept through the entire thing... but got a great shot of the three generations of moms...

It was a great celebration of Brayden's first year
and a wonderful legacy to carry on!

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