Monday, July 23

A Rose By Any Other Name....

I know I've shown you before some beautiful paper flowers.... well here's a great tutorial by Jilll  Haddad on  how to make paper roses... make with the Ornament Punch. These are waaaaay to big for cards and won't work well in scrapbooks - but they will look beautiful laying around the base of a candle or on the top of a gift box. They are a little time consuming - but well worth the time!

Stampin'Up! Ornament Punch
1 1/4" Circle Punch
Cardstock (Green and Color of your choice)
Sponge Dauber
Classic Ink in Darker Shades of Cardstock Colors
2 Way Glue Pen
Stylus (pencil or screwdriver will work also)
Scoring Instrument

Using the STAMPIN' UP! ORNAMENT PUNCH, punch 18 ornament shapes from your chosen cardstock. Sponge the edges of each petal on both sides. Punch a 1 1/4" circle from matching cardstock. This circle will be your flower base.

Next, use a pencil, stylus or screwdriver to tightly roll the edges of each "petal" from one side to the other. Set each one aside until all are curled.

Begin creating the rose by placing the curled petals around the circle base as shown to the left. I used 7 petals to create this layer for coverage and fullness. I alternated petals - one curled up, the next curled under - overlapping each petal and the petal tab as I worked around the circle.

The second layer was created by using 3 petals , curled inward, glued to the edge of each petal tab on the previous layer. The next time I will use 5 petals in this layer.

The third layer uses 3 petals, all curled inward.

The 4th layer you begin creating the center of the rose. You will use 2 petals. Bend the base tabs at 90 degree angles to the petal and glue the tabs together. Roll the both petals inward creating a cylinder. Apply a small amount of glue as shown on both sides of one petal and hold both petals together with paper clips until dry.

To create the 5th layer - which is the very center of the rose - roll the last ornament shape tightly around the stylus. Add a small amount of glue to the inside edge of the center petal and clip it with a paperclip until dry. Once dry, fold the base tab at a 90 degree angle so that it lays flat across the bottom of the petal. Put a dollop of glue in the center of the rose and put the final petal in place.

To create the leaves, punch 2 or 3 ornament shapes from a green cardstock. Using the stylus and a scoring tool (personal cutter, scorpal, etc) create the veins as shown to the left. Turn the "leaf" over and sponge a darker green ink across the veins and along the edges of the leaves. Glue into place on the back of petals as desired.

And that's it! A beautiful PAPER ROSE.

A Rose by any other name is..... hummm... what???

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