Wednesday, July 11

Summer Smooches Sneakers!!

The Stampin'Up! Convention is taking place the end of July as usual and just before that they hold an Artisan Award contest.... Demonstrators are encouaged to be creative and submit projects and ideas.. then of course someone wins .. how they pick the winners is amazing because all the entries are so dog-gone cute and creative!  Here's an entry by Connie Tumm... I can't believe she didn't win.... look at these stinkin' cute sneakers.... made with Summer Smooches fabric and ruffled ribbon for the shoelaces!!! 
Summer smooches sneakers-001

Supplies & Instructions:
  • Fabric, modge podge, paintbrush
  • How to: - I used a piece of thin fabric and a pen to trace the shapes for the pieces.  It took a bit of cutting and trimming to get the pieces to fit just right.  Then I just used modge podge to attach the fabric to the shoes and put a couple more layers on top to keep everything in place.  It was really fun to do!
At least they'll be on display at Convention where those going can see them.... and I wouldn't be surprised if you start seeing some Demonstrators making and wearing them everywhere!

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