Saturday, July 7

Quilt Show

As we do every July 4th, we went to the Old Poway Park for their annual festivities....  most of you know Jerry volunteers as Train Engineer at the Midland Train Museum, so it's a busy day for everyone! I went down after his shift and we meandered around the grounds and had a great time... as  usual I don't have the "proof" but I did wear red white and blue too... my white pants (honest!!), blue sweater blouse and red sunglasses! hee hee hee
So we started with the Quilt Barn.... cuz I knew our friend Carol is in the Poway Quilt Club and had entered her beautiful quilt... and there it was.... of course I voted for her's as my Favorite ....
look at the details!!!!

All of them were fantastic... the pictures don't do them justice as
you can't see the intricut work and hours and hours that went
into creating these pieces of art!! And that they are...
here's just a few of them:

And that isn't even all of them!
Those were just my favorites!!!

And Jerry had been making a "Quilt Clock" for Carol....
she talked him into bringing it to the event and
putting out a flyer to see if anyone wanted to order one...
Here's his clock sitting in their Display Table...
the Quilt Block is one Carol made and she now has a matching clock!

Time will tell if he gets any orders.... get it?
Time.... Clock....
oh I'm so clever!
OK corny is more like it... that's me!

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