Wednesday, July 18

Opening Day at the Races!

Well I believe today is Opening Day at the Del Mar Races!! It's a very "celebrated" day around these parts... secretly I think I've always wanted to be brave enough to wear one of those giant elegant hats... seriously!

So in honor of today, I found this funny Lady with a Feather Hat card, made by Ellen Kemper, the famous punch art lady ... never quite sure how she comes up with all these ideas... I'd love to have enough time to dream about creating.... actually this lady is kinda scary lookin' I think....

Here is a list of her parts:

Hat - 1 3/8 circle, large oval, another large oval trimmed as shown in photo
Head - Curly Label - face drawn on by hand
Neck/Chest - Blossom Petal Builder - feather duster one with the tip cut off - curve line drawn for cleavage
Dress - Full heart, point cut off
Arm - Full heart next to Full heart hole
Hand - end of Modern Label repunched with one of the smaller circles
Brim of Hat - small oval trimmed as in photo
Hair - scraps, cut fringe into one end of each and curl with your talented little fingers

And here's a picture of all her parts:

The sentiment inside reads "The older we get, 
the more we should accessorize.  Or is that exercise?"  

.... now that's pretty funny.. and sounds more like me!!!

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