Friday, August 12


I've been thinking about something a bit lately that I wanted to share.  
Here are some "vintage items" that are from Pottery Barn.  I think they are all beautiful.  I absolutely love vintage items.  I think it is so amazing to see the wear and tear on an think about who used it or where it's see that it's been so worn and loved.  Vintage stuff is so "in" right now. 

We even take new things and try to make them look old.  We buy jeans with holes.  We sand our painted signs down and rough them up.  We do all sorts of stuff to make an object look as though it's built character through many years.

Now, here's the question.  Why do we try to do the exact opposite with ourselves?  Why doesn't society see the beauty in wrinkles?  Why don't we look at someone older and think, "I wonder what I could learn from her," rather than "Could she drive any slower!!!" 

We spend millions on creams that promise to take years off our faces.  We lie about our age.  We dye our hair.  We edit our photos.  We refuse to accept the fact that we have been on this earth for quite some time and that it's beginning to show.

I'm not sure why society is like this.  I don't have it all figured out.  What do you think?

I wanted to show you this last picture....   I just love it. 

I hope that when I'm older, that my hands show that
I worked hard and loved life.

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