Friday, November 26

Beer Butt Chicken!

Well if it's 6am now on Friday "the day after".... that means many of you probably are already out at the malls and shopping for those bargains... or did you already do that yesterday? I couldn't believe so many stores were staying open for Thanksgiving Day too or opening at midnight or 3am this morning..... amazing!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time yesterday celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends. We had a quiet day with Allen and Jerry's sister Janet. We switched it up from the traditional Turkey and instead BBQ'd Beer Butt Chicken... yummm.... just love it! It's super easy too. Made a terrific rub for the chicken, prop it up on a beer can half filled with beer and garlic and onion and then slow BBQ it for two hours... yum! So juicy and tender and flavorful!

Here's a couple of pictures preparing "the bird"....
Wish you could smell this rub.. .
fabulous with oregano and chili powder and Cayenne pepper
and even a little brown sugar...

Now he's wavin' bye bye.... hee hee hee

It's kinda weird cuz he almost looks real..... sorta feel sorry for him...

Ya gotta set him up just right ... don't wanna lose any of that beer!

Grill Master Jerry sat right there rockin' in the sunshine and watched him the entire time....
after all it looked like he could just jump up and run away...
like that commercial where the turkey runs down the aisle in the grocery store!!

  It cooks for almost two hours.. every 30 minutes ya add a few more coals...

Think he's nearly done now.. the wings are about to fall off... that's the sign.

It was a gorgeous day too... Allen got there in time to watch the final stages...

And little Frisco made it too.. now he was definitely ready to pounce on that bird!

Poke him with a fork.. he's done!
That skin was so crisp and delicious..
my favorite part!


Then made a pecan pie for dessert..
haven't done that in years so thought it was time!

We certainly had much to be grateful for...
definitely all had our fill and had lots of leftovers to
send home with Allen and Janet!

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