Monday, November 1

Happy Birthday David!!!

Today is November 1st and it's David's Birthday... woo hoo... Happy Birthday David!

I just want you to know how much I love you and am so grateful for the gift God gave me the day you were born! Parents are generally worried, when expecting their "second" child that they could not possibly love another as much as they do their one and only child... but that all changes in an instant! It's amazing to me how you can love someone  (again) sooo quickly and so deeply... it's just God's plan, I'm convinced that's why.

And now that you have your own son, I know you understand what I mean. Your entire heart and excitement and joy and gratitude is exposed in an instant... for the whole world to see.. and you just want to shout from the mountain top I LOVE YOU!!!  There's nothing your child can do that changes your love for them, instead it just grows more each day!

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. And the years that followed.. all the "first things"... your first steps, your first words, your first haircut, your first day of  Kindergarten... then all the school days... learning to read and write, learning to play soccer and ride a motorcycle, learning the saxophone, learning about friendship and loyalty, learning about consequences and patience and sharing, learning about God and his love, learning what matters, and even learning that life is tough but it's worth it!

You always had a lot too... a lot of love to give, a lot of excitement to share, a lot of disappointments that made you stronger, a lot of joy and encouragement.for others... you always were "other centered" and I see it in your still.

I am so very proud of who you are David and what you've become... a wonderful husband to Holly and an incredible daddy to Brayden. They are both gifts you now have to enjoy and cherish.

Have a blast on your birthday and may all your wishes come true!!!

May your day be filled with love and laughter
and your year ahead be filled with gifts from God.

Love Mom.

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