Saturday, November 6

Brayden Celebrates!

So you remember last Monday was David's birthday.. and the kids had come down on Sunday Halloween and spent the night.. so we were together Monday all day to celebrate... and that's exactly what Brayden did!

He had a full night's rest... slept 10 hours!! Oh My.. .that trick r'treating did wear him out!... But we were up at 7:30am Monday morning and started our day with Pancakes and Eggs to celebrate David's birthday... and Brayden even had some breakfast too.. tried some rice cereal... but didn't get too far really.... loved the faces he made while daddy tried to feed him.

Then we got ready for the day of play... David wanted to go to Birch Aquarium in La Jolla as we hadn't been there in eons ... and it was a beautiful day to do just that.... so first we got Brayden all ready in his new little outfit.... see he was ready to Rock 'n Roll .....

Once we got there we headed first for the tide pools and watched the hermit crabs and starfish and sea slugs warming in the sunshine... I'm talking about the fish... not us.

Inside we visited the exhibits and I was amazed at how much Brayden was intrigued... he just stared at all those fish swimming around... the colors and the lights were really stimulating... apparently Mondays are the best days to go because it's fish feeding day too.. so the tanks were very active... all those little Nemo's having a ball! 

Plus we got to see the Seahorse exhibit... and I was intrigued by them... what amazing creatures. It always makes me think of how incredible God is... creating the variety and beauty and uniqueness of all these creatures under the sea.... just amazing!

Can you find the seahorses? and there's a picture of the seaweed dragon too.. and how about Nemo... we were "Finding Nemo"...

We left the Aquarium and headed out for lunch at Karl Strauss... and again enjoyed the garden's and pools at the restaurant.. just beautiful!

With another great meal behind us... literally... we headed home... the kids headed back up the road and we joined them shortly after to meet up again for Birthday Dinner at BJ's in Temecula. Don and Darleen,  Holly's folks, joined us too so it was a great celebration together. I think David was very encouraged and enjoyed his birthday with Brayden... oh and the rest of us too.... what a gift!

Here's a good "generation" picture.... Jerry, David and Brayden... hey did I ever tel you that when David was born Jerry was 33 years old.... and guess how old David was when Brayden was born?.... Yep 33 years old... Hummm... like father like son like grandson.... we'll see!

And here's an excellent picture of "Grandfather" Don with Brayden...

Can't tell me that isn't a picture of love.....

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