Saturday, November 20

Christmas Cards Galore!

Well in order to participate in the Craft Fair today with Holly,  I'm missing Pam's monthly stamping event.. but not to worry!! I still bought all the cards from her (she pre-stamps them and provides pictures for those who cannot attend) and I"ve already made them up! I've been waiting to post them until today as I didn't want to spoil it for those attending...

Here they are... they may not be exactly as Pam's originals.. but that's what's fun about making them sight unseen.. just put the pieces together any way I want!!!

Now I see there's quite a few I did differently.. ut oh.. that rebellious streak is showing in me... that or not following instructions...but hey.. they're all gorgeous, don't you agree???

Now isn't Pam amazing???...
I am so proud of her and in awe of her quality and
variety of cards she has been making... thanks Pam!
Love 'em all!

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