Sunday, November 28

Gingerbread Ding Dongs?

Growing up as a kid, we didn't get many sweet treats... not sure if it was just those times as families didn't generally have such luxuries... or maybe it was just our family.. with six kids we were lucky to get the basics... don't wanna sound like I grew up in the Depression.. I didn't, but my parents did so I think that's why they perhaps were more frugal. It actually was a great thing because it taught me to spend wisely and save my money... I quickly learned money didn't grow on trees.. and I hope I taught my kids the same.

However, I wasn't so naive as to know what a Hostess Ding Dong was.. and I loved them!! Frozen was the best... I also loved Twinkies and Cupcakes.. but the Ding Dongs were my very favorite... even to this day when I take a bit it literally time-warps me back to when I was a kid.

So in order to make this Gingerbread project, you'll have to go out and buy some Ding Dongs (too bad so sad!) as it's the perfect treat size for the 2 1/2" circle punch.... plus they're already individually foil-wrapped! That's awesome!

Supplies Used:

- 2-1/2" circle punch #120906 (for the head)
- Itty Bitty Shapes Punch Pack #118309 (circle shape for the eyes)
- Tasteful Trim Bigz XL Die #120893 (for the head band)
- 1-3/4" Circle punch # 119850 (for the smile)
- Heart to Heart Xl punch #119881 (for the cheeks)
- 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon - Real Red #109034
- Stamping sponge #101610 (to sponge whisper white ink onto the edges)
- Whisper White Ink Pad #101731 (Craft)

Very easy project for beginner crafters.
Your kids would love to make them too
Make them as ornaments or gift tags and
watch your friends be in awe.

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Amy Silveira said...

Gail - these are so fun! Thanks for sharing.