Tuesday, November 30

I Owe My Life to Chocolate!

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens
Bright Copper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens
la la la la la la la la la... these are a few of my favorite things...
well it goes something like that....

I think Julie Andrews is an amazing talented incredible fabulous singer and actress... but I frankly I think she wasn't completely honest when she sang that song in The Sound of Music...  when it comes to listing your favorite things, no woman in her right mind would have left out CHOCOLATE... give me a break.... don't you agree?

So as the holidays approach, I'm not dreaming of brown paper packages tied up with string..... I'm dreaming of Chocolate... so I did some serious research and came up with these life saving calculations... I do believe you'll appreciate with the Season upon us....:

A good piece of chocolate has about 200 calories.

As I enjoy 2 servings per night, and a few more on weekends.
I consume 3,500 calories of chocolate in a week,
which equals one pound of weight per week.

Therefore... In the last 3 1/2 years, I have had chocolate caloric
intake of about 180 pounds, and I only weigh 165 pounds,
so without chocolate, I would have
wasted away to nothing about 3 months ago!

Once again, I owe my life to chocolate!


Fond Farewell to November....
and bring in December...
I'm ready for chocolate season!

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