Wednesday, December 1

Incredible Holly

Well guess what was waiting for me when I got home last night??? CHOCOLATE!!  This is too funny... just yesterday after my Chocolate research I shared with you guys... I get home and what's sitting on my kitchen counter... a darling Incredible Edible arrangement ... chocolate covered strawberries from Holly!!  I was so tickled!

She actually sent the arrangement to thank me (and many of you) for all the help with her Craft Show.  It had a darling I Love You balloon attached too.... wow Holly I do love you too and am so grateful to have you as my DAUGHTER. I know your love for music in education is so very important to you as you now not only are striving to save the music program for the Vista school kids... but for all the kids that ultimately could be affected in the state let alone the nation! It was an honor and a pleasure to take a very small part in that effort.

So here's the darling (and delicious) arrangement.. which actually served as my dinner last night... perfect!

You are amazing and I am a lucky, lucky mom.

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