Monday, December 6

Advent Muffin Tin

That's a funny title... Advent Muffin Tin... but it makes perfect sense!

Back in October when us Rubba Sista's had our Annual Fall Festival, Deidre had made a darling Advent Calendar from a 24-mini muffin pan. I just adored it and have been wanting to make one.. so I finally finished it! Similar to the little boxes I had made from the SU Kit, it took some pre-thought into the pattern and layout as I didn't want to duplicate paper or embellishments.

I just used pieces of the magnetic strips on the back of each to keep it on the tin. The muffin spots of course are smaller so will have to be filled with "little treats".... like bite size Reese's peanut butter cups would be perfect... or again I think it would be great to put in little coupons or love notes... or even some great Christmas Scriptures.. after all we know the Reason for the Season!

Here's a closer look....

Now my nephew Caleb is getting married on January 1st... I can't believe how quickly it's sneaking up.. and there's going to be a Bridal Shower for Rebekah his fiance in a couple of weeks. Now Rebekah loves to bake so I'm thinking this could be a great gift for her... combines baking and Christmas and a great way for her to give "treats to her new husband" for their First Christmas (next year)..... Plus it will kind of be a "passing the torch" reflection for me. Over the past 18 years or so I've done what I call The Twelve Days of Christmas with the entire Banner family. I have a small gift for them to open each of the 12 days prior to Christmas.... so this being a "24 day countdown" that's DOUBLE what I've been doing..  now I just need to come up with some clever way to express that to her as she takes on that role of being all she can be for Caleb.

Not to worry Noah...
I'll still keep up my tradition with you
after your brother's off and married...

xoxoxo Love Santa Grandma Gail.

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