Saturday, December 4

Matt's Holiday Cards

So for the past 3 years, now this year will be the 4th, I've been making the "holiday cards"  (unfortunately have to be politically correct) for my boss Matt. I have a great boss!  He loves that they're handmade and not the "corporate" look that the company provides.

Matt is quite a diverse boss.. he loves Star Wars and everyone knows it... (I'll tell you the story one day of our last Department meeting where we acted out a scene from the movie in front of 500 people).. but he also is known for his love of sailing. Of course owns his own sailboat (ok it's more like a mini yacht to me). He often has "floating meetings" on Friday afternoons during the summer with his VPs.. he refers to those meetings also as "attitude adjustment" meetings.... don't ya love it?

So back to the holiday cards... each year I've tried to come up with a theme using sailboats or some such thing. One year he had taken an incredible picture of his boat in the bay amongst the fog bank and we used that.. then embossed the words Peace on Earth over it... it was pretty cool.

Most years I've used dark green or blue colors as that really represents him as well as the "water" theme. One year I put a strand of knotted hemp on it to make it look nautical.

But this year I wanted to switch it up a bit so I got some glossy red paper and came up with these two versions with a sailboat and a compass... it's hard to tell as the flash reflected alot on the glossy paper, but the star is a silver brad... I really liked it as it represents not just the stars in the sky but THE star in the sky.. know what I mean?... see how sneaky I am... and they think it's politically correct...

I liked this version too... Peach on Earth and then inside is the globe ornament...
good representation of Qualcomm since we are a "global" company ...

So I made 120 of these.. got them all addressed and ready for him to send out.. now he has the hard part.. signing each one and writing a note to personalize it... glad he takes the time as it really shows he cares. Like I said, I have a great boss!

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