Tuesday, December 21

Gingerbread House Tradition!

My daughter (in law) Holly started a wonderful holiday tradition with me.. she brings over a gingerbread house kit and we get to spend an evening together and build it. Some years turn out better than others... mostly depends on how hungry I am and how many candies I eat before they make it to the roof or yard of the house...  but with her being a former (excellent) pastry chef... chances were pretty good that it would turn out!

We haven't had a chance yet this year to get creative.. but I'm hoping it will still  happen.. besides we still have four days to go... piece of cake.. er uh I mean, piece of gingerbread house....

Maybe this year we can get Brayden to help us out ~ now that's a great tradition to start...  Or then again, may be we'll start a new tradition to make it a "New Year's" Gingerbread House... think the chances of that are much higher!

gma gail

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