Friday, November 12

Poway Pride - Poway Veterans Park

Yesterday the City of  Poway  had a special ceremony to commemorate their new Veterans Memorial Park. Jerry attended and said it was awesome... very inspiring and moving.

Here's the new Liberty Bell that was built in honor of the Veterans.
There are name plaques of Veterans on a Memorial Wall surrounding the plaza.

Here's a part of the news article....

Paratroopers, hummers and soldiers in uniform swarmed the Poway Veteran’s Park to raise their flags yesterday culminating years of work by Poway veterans to get the park built.

The ceremony included a brass band and the delivery and raising of flags from the National Guard and the five branches of the military: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. A Veteran’s Day celebration followed. The park is on the northeast corner of Midland Road and Adrian Street.

A raised plaza in the center of the park includes memorial walls with tablets honoring veterans and those currently in the military.

A raised walkway leads to the plaza, adorned by a compass rose in the middle. Eight flag poles are mounted in the center, flying the colors of the United States, California, Poway, prisoners of war, the National Guard and the branches of the military.

I can't wait to go see it myself.
Old Poway Park is really becoming a very unique area for residents and visitors
 If you haven't already I'd encourage you to go check it out.

I know the Poway Railroad Museum donated much of the profits
this year to the new Veterans Memorial.
Way to go Train Team!

Thanks Jerry for again giving your time and energy
to our Country.. and now to our City too!!

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