Wednesday, January 5

Carol's ONE WORD for 2011

Well here I go again, bragging about my Rubba Sistas... once again it's Carol from Wisconsin. She sent me pictures of her January Card Kits she is making for her customers... and I just loved them... so wanted to share with you... She's doing wedding and baby as the January theme. Since most of her customers are not local for her, this is the best way for her to do an "event"... Once they receive their kits in the mail, they all get together and make the cards... isnt' that cool? What a great Demonstrator she is to support her customers that way.

Now also Carol shared with us her idea for the New Year. She decided to come up with ONE WORD that was going to describe her goal for the year... and after she shared that with her boss, who also decided to join in... and guess what.. she shared with us too and now we're all focused on ONE WORD we want to reflect our goal and focus for the year.

Carol had selected LESS... Less of me (lose weight), less travel, less stress, less clutter,less spending/less debt, etc, etc, etc.! 

She took it one step further and made herself this darling sign to post on her work desk to keep her focused....

Her boss selected MORE....   more balance, more time with family, etc

So she made her a sign too....

Kendra chose SIMPLIFY for her focus word....
I'm going to simplify my surroundings by getting rid of the clutter.
I'm going to simplify my diet by eating food in it's natural state.
I'm going to simplify my relationships and avoid the drama.
Me... I can't follow the rules as usual...  cuz I have two words...  LET GO.....
I'll let go of junk and possessions I don't need, let go of food I don't need, let go of bad attitudes I develop or my critical thinking, let go of my fear of what others think, so generally just need to surrender everything... especially to God... that's my theme and focus for 2011.

Anyone else want to share?

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