Monday, January 10

Filled Up On Love

Whew.... I was gettin' really low on my love-o-meter and kisses and hugs from Baby Boy Brayden.... so now I'm feeling energetic and ready to go... cuz yesterday afternoon I was able to visit the kids up in Murrieta for a few hours. Brayden is seven months old now... really starting to get around alot... rolling over and scootin' around.. but his very favorite way to get around is in his new little Jeep walker.... just too cute.

He's "talking" and cooing and really trying to communicate... I no longer can wear my dangley earrings around him... his hand-eye coordination is very sharp and he grabs right onto the earrings....  He's recovering from a serious cold... and touch of pneumonia he got the week after Christmas... of course he passed it along to his mommy and daddy... but they're big enough to take care of themselves.. hee hee hee.

Here's my latest pictures... also took a darling video of him playing "peak-a-boo" with his blanket... his "laugh" is precious and just had to record it!  It's at the very end of this post.... And he's soooo smart.... at one point the video split and started a second filming, I tossed the blanket over towards Holly .. who was actually taking the video... to see if he would "roll over" in her direction and we could tape it... but he just grabbed the blanket and pulled it back so we could play more peak-a-boo.. amazing.. what a smart cookie! He knows what he wants! For some reason I can't get that second video to load.. but bet you can't stop from giggling when you hear Brayden giggle too.... check it out...

It's about the hardest thing in the world for me to drive away from
an afternoon spent with our little love bug.
I miss and love you bunches!!!

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