Saturday, January 1

Happy New Year... Happy New Life.... 1-1-11

Happy New Year to All Our Family and Friends!

It's a new year, a near beginning for each of us... as we start the year with eagerness and anticipation to see what God has in store for each of us, we are excited to know that today starts a new life for Caleb and Rebekah Banner! Congratulations to you both... what an awesome date to start your married life together! I love you and treasure you both so much!

I was honored to be a part of Caleb and Rebekah's wedding rehearsal dinner on Thursday evening. It was a very special time for the bride and groom with their bridal party as well as family and friends. So many shared from their hearts of the love and appreciation they have for Caleb and Rebekah and stories of friendships that bind them all together. I believe it was Dakota who said... Friendship on Fire is Love.. and that was such a great way to express what we see in them!

Here's a few shots of the special couple and bridal party and family... They will be married today at 2:30 pm  at the Shadow Ridge Country Club in San Marcos. I'll definitely be sharing pictures and stories this week of the festivities!

Rebekah & Caleb

 Flower Girl Jannay with her mom Tara

Maid of Honor Rita with her mom Kari

Bridal Party (most of them at least)

Groomsman Noah, Caleb's brother

Noah with  Groomsman Jacob (Rebekah's brother)....
lookin' pretty cool here....

Caleb's parent's, Geoff and Claire

Rebekah's parents, Doug and Stacey

Jannay finally gets her chicken nuggets... she was just too cute!!

In the foreground is the ring bearer with his dad Mike
(minister who will marry them).
Next to Rebekah is her sister Shannon who flew
in from Louisiana for the wedding.
Rita, Maid of Honor is next to Caleb and
opposite her is Olivia, Mike's wife.

There was a very special time of sharing...
here's Rebekah's sister Kimberly, along with her dad,
expressing their love and excitement..
there wasn't a dry eye in the house after these two!

The Three Amigos even got serious for a few
minutes and shared their feelings....
.... it was inspiring to listen to them speak.

Then Caleb and Rebekah got a chance to share too..
and expressed their appreciation for the bridal party
with gifts for everyone.
They also gave both parents a beautiful picture frame...
soon to be filled with wedding pictures!

Next they presented both "moms" with a beautiful
heart necklace which had both of their birthstones
embedded into the heart.. it was very meaningful 
 ~ what a great reflection of their love for both of them.

They're getting use to all the picture taking... and eating cupcakes too!

I love this picture... finally got a family shot with "Grandma Gail"...
very special to me to be part of the celebration!

And now it's complete with Rebekah soon-to-be-Banner...
we finally get our "girl" !!!

Congratulations Caleb and Rebekah.....

Today the Two shall become One.

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