Sunday, January 9

Something to Crow About

Is this too cute or what... here's a new idea from Ellen Kemper... apparently she's a freak when it comes to Punch Art!!! Just Love it!!!!

Here's her instructions.....

Beak - large oval, opening trimmed with scissors and colored in a bit with black marker

Body - large oval - snipped in with scissors to make choppyish (is that a word?) feathers

Eyes - circle from itty bitty punch pack and black marker

Glasses - 1/2 inch circle around itty bitty punch pack circle hole
   - 3 times - 2 for circles, 1 for nose piece - 2 bits of word window for ear pieces

Legs - thin strip from trimmer

Feet - narrow heart to heart next to the same hole - then  fold it over on itself to make the toes closer together (making the V shape narrower - just try it and it should make sense)

This would make a great Thank  You Card.. you could write...
Now that's something to crow about!

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