Friday, January 7

Friday Tips & Techniques - Babywipes!

It's Friday... and as promised this year I'm going to start doing weekly Tips & Techniques....

So for the first week, let's keep it simple....  how many of you have used the Babywipes Technique?? .....  Babywipes are for more than just baby butts... they're actually a stamper's good friend! You can use them to clean your rubber stamps and are so easily disposable. 

The Babywipes "technique" is to actually use them for inking your stamps... here's how

1) Squeeze a few drops of ink on a baby wipe; the moistened material
absorbs the colors and creates a one-of-a-kind ink pad.

2) Apply rubber stamp to the inked babywipe and then Stamp your image.

As you see it gives you a more muted or
distressed look.. kinda neat, hun?

3) For another approach, gently swipe the wipe over your
card stock to create a multicolored background.

And the best part is... when you're done...
just toss it out... pretty cool  ya think?

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