Sunday, January 23


What a blast!..... Yesterday I hosted my January Stamp-a-Stack at the Reed Ranch and had a wonderful turnout! I was especially tickled that Melody, Aisha and Abir came from Orange County and Long Beach!!!! Now that's exciting!!! I was so grateful that Michelle invited her buddies from college... how cool to keep in touch over the years and continue to get together.. and I'm so glad they all have stamping in common... er uh... well at least they do after today... I couldn't believe that Abir had never stamped before... could'a fooled me as she caught right on and was even showing others what to do!! Love it!
Also I hadn't seen several of the gals since the Fall Festival so it was great to reunite again! We all decided it's our New Year's Resolution to stamp until we cramp.... well actually that doesn't sound very fun.. but you know what I mean!!

And of course several of my awesome BFF Rubba Sistas came too... of which I am soooo grateful... Pam Judee and Kendra.... I love you man (I mean woman) !  Mona was there too and showed us some of her Quilling pieces she has done... goodness what amazing and beautiful work..... I'm trying to talk her into giving us a class some afternoon... my workin' buddies Arzu and Anu both got to make it this time... yippeeee!

So for the Stamp-a-Stack, I prepared ten different cards, several featuring the new stamps sets and accessories in the Occasions Mini Catalog. So thought I'd share those with you today (and will save some for tomorrow's Blog)...... it was so fun to come up with the ideas... I think everyone had a great time!

Bring on the Cake
 .. love the darling new pom pom trim!!
This one I copied directly from the
Occasions Mini Catalog... just too cute!

Showing with inside panel:

Here's one we did using the magnified image technique... by just popping out one portion of the image to illuminate gives it a great magnified impression.On several of the cards I made two or three versions to give the gals a choice of color or design....

Using the new Beveled Windowpanes I made this simple little Valentine's Love card... because you get a variety of sizes of the new windowpanes, I created  slightly different versions...   then it was left to the luck of the draw or should I say luck of the bag you picked... what you get is what you take... Oh yes and used the new red Glimmer paper... just tooooo sweet with all that glitter... my kind of  bling!

This was my Sneak Peek card I showed you last week...
named it Springtime Vintage because that's the name of the new
Designer Series Paper used to create it..... love it!

'de Plane 'dePlane.... well it's actually Plane and Simple... here I created again two versions of this card.. one masculine using the Plane set and the second for a feminine card using the Vintage Vogue set... both used the Special Edition Designer Series Paper in the background.. just wadded it up, unfolded it and spread it out then sponged it to give the vintage look....

The new Game Spinner Card was a great hit!
Again, one of the new accessories in the Occasions Mini...
the little metal arrows that spin around the target make it just too cute!

OK so watch tomorrow and I'll show you the rest of them...

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