Thursday, January 6

Quilling by Mona

Don't ya just love it when you meet new friends and share your hobbies and interests with each other? Well I met Mona last Fall. Actually I work with her husband Vikas and one day at work some gals were at my desk looking at some cards and stationary box set I had made and was promoting a class. Of course Vikas heard us chatting and stopped and said that his wife does something like that.... so I gave him a SU Catalog to give to his wife to see if she'd be interested in coming to any of my Stamp Camps... thus the friendship of me and Mona began!!!

Now mind you, when Mona showed up at my Stamp Camp that month, I had never met her before... but after about 2 seconds you would'a thought we were best friends for life.... what a bond and connection we had from the get go! She had brought with her samples of her quilling work.. ohmygoodness!! I was so impressed.... it is just beautiful and delicate!

She came again to my Secret Santa Stamp Camp in December and we had a blast. If you go back to my Blog on December 5th, you'll see Mona and the beautiful gift she brought me from her trip she took to visit with her family in India.

At that Stamp Camp we had made a reindeer gift card and Mona used that as a template for one of her own creations.... I can't even explain it and can only show you samples of her pieces.  She also has a website you can see more of her work.

I just love this card.. it's darling!!!

And look.. here's the gift card she made and put Starbucks card inside....

I think I should have her teach a class at the Reed Ranch so we can all learn how to quill... and then, as she does, we can incorporate them into cards we stamp.... Let me know what you think!

Mona you are incredible!!!!

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