Wednesday, January 19

Heart Couple Cards

This is just too elegant and easy! And a great idea for either a Valentine card or a Wedding card... from Valita's Design blot....

All you need is the large heart punch, large tag punch and a 1' circle punch. To make both couple you will need 4 hearts & 2, 1"circles. For the man cut just under 1" slit down from the top of the heart, don't go all the way through. Bend back each side to form the jacket opening and cut a small wedge from each side to create the lapels. Ink the edges and add a small button with a spot of black maker then a small blob of crystal effects.

For the lady punch from the top the large tag punch to form the neck line ( see below picture). punch 2 scrap 1" circles and tape these together these will be a mask to do some darker shading under the chest area. Next punch another two 1" circles to create the lighter shading with white on the chest. see below picture (You know you can always click on any picture to make the image larger to take a closer look).

Put the dress aside and with a piece of dimensional
attach the 2, 1" circles to the skin colored heart...
about 1/8 of an inch from the top. Glue the dress over the top .

Do the same for the wedding card only using different colors.

Here are the details on how she made the veil,
punched the neck line and rose bud.

And how cute to use this idea for a wedding favor
or place setting from the Bride & Groom!

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