Friday, January 14

Friday Tips & Techniques - For the Man in the House

So it's Friday... time for Tips & Techniques.... and today I wanted to combine a little tribute to my husband and all the other husbands (or significant others) out there.... this one's for you. I'm sure you'll learn a lot!

One of my favorite Blogs is Where the Rubber Hits the Road  with Linda Heller. Her Husband, Matt, is an incredible support. Together they host Stamping School which is an on line rubber stamping video tutorial website.  In addition, Matt has not only built her a wonderful stamping room, but he produces the videos and is a computer geek too so helps with questions on that too.

My very favorite video, is the Man Made Card that Matt created for the guys so they can learn how to make cards just like their wives.... but better!... well perhaps not.

Take a few minutes and enjoy this video ...You're gonna crack up....

And be sure to share this link with the man in your life
if you'd like to receive such lovely cards too...

yeah right.

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