Sunday, August 12

Bird in a Box! SAS Reveal

Did ya see the movie years ago called Bird on a Wire? Think it was with Goldie Hawn and that little short guy... Danny DeVito.... oh no wait.. that was something about an Emerald Stone  er uh.. Romancing the Stone... ...  Bird on a Wire was Michael Douglas... I think... gosh it's awful getting old... can't remember... good thing Google is my friend....

OK I just checked and it is Bird on a Wire... Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner... not Goldie Hawn.. cheeezeee.... well, regardless... I was naming this card Bird in a Box and that's how far off track I got!  It's another card I created for my August Stamp-a-Stack this Saturday.... again, super simple, fun and definitely fashionable.. cuz ya know how popular "birds" are these days...  Bird Bird .. Bird is the Word!

Think I'm gonna go rent Bird on a Wire for my next Netflix pick....
and see if I'm as good at remembering the
story line as well as I was at remembering the actors... yeah right.

See ya at Stamp-a-Stack! 

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