Monday, August 6

Simply Stunning!

Here's some "over the top" creations seen by those attending Convention.

Many of the items were from the Artisan Winners, but others were items that someone just put their heart and soul into. Simply Stunning!

Let me show you a few...

WHOA...that is a lot of Designer Paper...

I thought this was so beautiful. 
Loved how it was created with our stencils 
(or retired stencils, should I say?) 

Look at these flowers on this card...better have
more than one postage stamp to send this one.  :-)

How cool is this bow?
I seriously want to make one of these 
with our Designer Paper
and give a huge gift at Christmas.
Remember the Lexus commercials with the gigantic 
bow on top of the car?
Wouldn't this be great? 

Can't eat this one, BUT you can keep it forever..., that's a flower bouquet!

These frames are simple to create by covering them 
with Designer Paper and stamping and punching flowers 
 out with our Mixed Bunch stamp set and coordinating punch.

These yellow flowers are so pretty!

That was just a snippet of what was on display.
Although I love looking through all these beautiful creations, 
I usually steer closer to the "simple" things in life. 
Like you, I'm crazy busy with every day life
 and I love spending time with family and great friends.

That's probably why when we "create" we want the best for them!

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