Wednesday, August 1

I AM... Stampin' Up Demonstrator!!!

I'm pushing ten years now that I've been a Sampin'  Up Demonstrator... joined in October 2002... that's amazing!

Every year SU has a Convention for all Demonstrators.. use to be various locations around the country... until a few years ago they enlarged their office Headquarters in Salt Lake so now they are held at the Convention Center there each July.. and always include a tour through the Headquarter office... really cool.. they walk you thought the call center and you meet a bunch of those awesome gals who answer the phone when we call for help... they'll all so sweet!... They even take you through the packing plant so we saw how our orders get processed and packaged up so quickly... remember this is now an International business... it's amazing!

I've only been to Convention once and that was the year I celebrated my 5th Anniversary... I went with Judee Pepper and will always treasure the time and memories we made there together. It was the 20th Anniversary for SU so was pretty special.

Since next year will be their 25th Anniversary and my 10th I really hope to attend again... so gotta start planning now.

Several of us gals were talking about what it would be like to work for SU as our "real" job... at Headquarters...  I think I'd like to be a color namer....probably alot harder than I think... Wild Wasabi, Midnight Muse or Daffodil Delight aren't your usual color names...

So thought you'd enjoy seeing the Theme song from this year's Convention "I AM"..... very inspiring and motivating... it really gives us Demonstrators the boost we need and pride of being a part of such a great company.Just click on this link:

Now doesn't that make ya wanna sign up 
and become a Demonstrator with me???
Hey we could go to Convention TOGETHER next year... 
come on!!!

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