Tuesday, August 14

Crayon Art!

Oh my goodness.... I know most of you gals are just like me... and love to color.. honestly.. I could go buy me a good ol' fashion color book and box of crayons and have a delightful afternoon...  when I was like in 1st grade or so.. don't really remember... I'd "outline" the image I was going to color.. did you guys do that?? Know what I mean??? Gosh that brings back a flood of memories!!!

Well, anywho, I found this cool instruction of crayon art.... Sandy MacIver found it on Pinterest... figures.

Here's her picture tutorial on how it's done..  
I so wanna try this!!

We started with a canvas each, ours are 18 x 24 I think, 
and 2 big boxes of crayons


We covered our tables with garbage bags, 
sorted our crayons in the order we wanted them, 
all while the glue guns are heating up! – WHOO HOOOOO….


You hot glue each crayon on.  
I found it easier to put the glue on the canvas…
this took about 10 minutes


Pretty little babies all in a row!…now the fun begins,
(the original instructions said they used their hair dryers, 
I'm thinking these people were not stampers, 
because, my embossing heat tool gets way hotter)!


You can really manipulate the wax by holding the heat tool closer, or on an angle.


To finish it, we got out some grungeboard letters, 
painted them black and glued them on to our art.

Watch tomorrow and I'll show you the very cool card she made using this....
You'll be amazed!!!

Gotta buzz off to the store now and get me a box of crayons!!!

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