Sunday, August 5


OK I'll give you a day or two break of forcing you to look at my little cutie pie....  but just stay tuned... (of course I'll keep looking every day!!!)...

In the mean time, let's talk about leftovers.... I love leftovers... yes for dinner I mean.. and lunch and breakfast too.... I'm the kind of person who can eat pizza for breakfast and pancakes for dinner... yummm... sounds good right now even.

But I also love using leftovers with stamping too... actually that's cuz I don't like to throw anything away, right Kendra??? hee hee hee.... so I've been getting ready for my next SAS on the 18th, and was sorting through things and cleaning up this and that... all the while my brain's trying to figure out what I'm going to do with all the bits and pieces...  so I couldn't help it... grabbed some scraps and ended up making these cards:

Why on earth I sat and spent the time doing this now I'll never know... I have a gazillion things to do but am I getting them done.... no! Do you ever get that side tracked too??? cheeze.. what am I gonna do with myself?

I guess I'll go make another card!! hee hee hee

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