Thursday, August 2

Monster Hugs!

Goodness I missed my little sweetie pie .... the kids were gone on vacation over two weeks and had a great time on their Alaskan cruise with Holly's folks... They came down last Sunday afternoon to share stories and let me get caught up on my hugs and kisses with Brayden!

Now the cute thing is the minute he ran in the door to greet us and gave long snugglie hugs... he was ready to go swimming!! We chatted while changing into his swim suit about all the things he saw and did on the big boat... but while we were talking Holly said "show grandma your belly trick" (apparently some brilliant person taught him how to make his belly "roll" ..... hummm certainly that wasn't Grandfather??? probably was Brian).... well we never saw that... but he did show us his Monster Hugs and belly crunches... now I wonder who taught him that????... here's some darling shots (OK I'm the grandma and can say these are darling)... we were cracking up big time... see how he tightens his fists and jaw and flattens his belly...

 and he's such a ham!!!

David gave me several CDs of their Alaska pictures so
as I get them downloaded,
I'll be sharing many of them with you this coming week!!!
Just be prepared for a braggin' Grandma!!!

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