Saturday, August 25

SAS addicts

Isn't there a song that talks about being addicted to love? Well I want to change the words slightly... and say we are addicted to love stamping!!  Look at these crazy women...  Who would'a guessed!!!  Whether they're stamping or winning door prizes... it's all smiles!

My dear friend Terry who came down for the first time to stamp.. 
and all the way from Wildomar!!!!
She a pearl of a friend.. and wins the pearl packets to go!

Sandy wins the Reason to Smile set... see how she's smilin'???

Shelly's just happy stamping!

Laura wins some Baker's Twine!

Gina figures out the make n' take notebook...

I love this shot of Lorena.. 
don't think she even knew I took it..
look at her concentrating!!

Is that Pat texting??? 
She's probably sending a message to her friends 
about how much fun she's having!

Margaret shows off the piano keyboard card!

Insook just moved to San Diego two weeks ago..
First time stamping
and already she's got a gob of new friends!!!

Gina wins the new DSP from the Holiday mini catalog!

And Margaret wins the little note card packet.

Mo lucks out on a retired DSP paper packet...

Lynne, another first timer, wins the little note packs too!

Shelly and her Baker's Twine....

Mona dazzles us and takes the sparkly glitter glue1

Insook gets a decorative candy jar

Kathy shows me the card she's working on....

Donna, yet another newbee, creates a flock of flutterbyes!

Amy doesn't miss out... everyone seems to love those butterflies...
add a little or a lot of bling and who wouldn't love 'em!!

Mona's just happy to stamp!
And I'm so happy to have her!

Lorena and Sandy.. BFFs.

Another set of BFFs... Susan and Kendra!

Lynne gets right into for her first time here!

Pat is just down right happy all the time..
probably because we share the same birthday month (and year!!)

Karen is such a doll... she's making her
tri-fold card with all the little flower cut outs...
it's like a puzzle!

Mo and Jean... growing circle flowers on their cards!

Laura lucks out... this gal is amazing...
she spurs me on and encourages me with her enthusiasm..
actually I'm the one who lucks out!

Rhoda works on her tri-fold card...
love those itty bitty flowers, right??

Donna wins the Birthday Gift Box for her Door Prize...
just in time as she needed that for a party later on!

 Look who stopped by for a quick visit.. 
they didn't know the house was full of crazy stampers...
Brayden get a a little shy all of a sudden in front of all the gals.. 
look at him clinging to his mama's skirt.

Amy wins a note card packet too!

Susan shows summer silhouettes... 
say that fast five times!

Rhoda wins the last of  the note card packets....

Do I win a prize???

You ARE the prize sweetie!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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