Thursday, August 9

Convention Product Displays

Alisha Linn went to the SU Convention in Salt Lake in July and posted pics of the blown-up chalkboards that were displayed and hanging from the ceiling... Just makes me all the more eager to get to next year's Convention...  look at the creativity!

Isn't the use of this ribbon so cute on this card? 
New In-Color Ribbon on display...

WOW...someone has WAY too much time on their hands.
I mean,  I'm just saying....

This one is more my cute, huh?

Super Fun!... clear buttons and wood buttons too!

Here's a super cute use of the new In Color Dahlia's
Don't you just want to gobble up these precious little things?

I think they should call them Bruttons...
they're part brad; they're part button...
so that makes them Bruttons.. right???

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