Sunday, August 29

Brayden's BBQ Bash!

What an awesome day! This afternoon we had our first annual Brayden BBQ Bash! I was going to have a  "Jack and  Jill" Baby Shower .. but you know how all the guys just love that... so we decided this would be way better! Besides then Jerry got to BBQ his favorite hamburgers for everyone!

Brayden is now three months old.. that just amazes me. He's starting to coo and giggle and smile so much.. just too precious! I think Holly is convinced he's going to be walking by 6 months... but we'll see. He is very strong and just a little munchkin... ya just wanna squeeze his little chubby cheeks!

It was a wonderful celebration and I was so excited to show Brayden off to everyone! Thank you all for coming and putting up with "Grandma Gail" xoxoxoxo

Here's a few great shots of the party.... and what a perfect beautiful afternoon by the pool... we didn't get Brayden in the water.. but at least the little kids gave it a shot... The food was awesome and the time spent with friends was the best! Chris made a darling "piggy bank" for Brayden and had everyone sign it.... she doesn't know it but we decided it will show up at the annual BBQs... what a great tradition!

Snoozin' with Grandma Gail

David & Holly get to relax

Aunt Claire soakin' in the love.

Allen and Dave catchin' up together.

The girls chat... Barb, Shelly & Nancy

Barb gets her hands on Brayden

The twins David & Jenna love to swim!

Barabara is an expert at this Grandma stuff...

Brayden's piggy just waiting for him to wake up!

Aunt Claire tickles Brayden with his new piggy..

Aunt Shelly.. another expert "grandma".. wow Brayden's got so many now!!

Out like a light...

Aunt Donna plays "patty cake"

Donna shows Brayden his new Elmo book... ready to read?

Brayden loves his new "tag blanket" that Aunt Donna made him...

This tag blanket is just a small little square blanket with several "tags"around each side....
each tag is made from a different material (silk, cotton, grossgrain, leather etc)...

....and it seems to soothe babies as they feel each different type of tag..
amazing it seemed to work so quickly with Brayden!

Top Chef Jerry... loves to BBQ!

The guys waiting for their burgers....

Brayden's gift display among the M&M Margarita mix!

Nothing like a cuddle from Mama... makes for a happy baby.

Happy mama too.

Holly opens gifts at the "no gifts" BBQ... everyone is so generous..
stubborn, but generous!!

Is that Pooh Bear? Oh we love Pooh Bear...

Thanks again to everyone for the beautiful afternoon and your shower of love!

Watch next Summer for Brayden BBQ Bash II.

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